Health care should be amazing.

Together, we can fix it.

Join the Revolution

AllBetter Health is part of a growing nationwide movement of insurgent benefits advisors who partner with employers to re-humanize health care

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We live in the world of Amazon and Uber, AppleCare and DoorDash. Why is health care like the IRS and the DMV?

AllBetter harnesses the wisdom and hard-earned experience of patients, employers, providers, health care innovators and disrupters who are driving the future of health care. They have tackled the cost beast and the quality question mark and made health care…. You can too.

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Year 1 savings

compared to status-quo plan

Better health outcomes


who are we?

AllBetter is a next-gen health
benefits advisory firm but we are not your daddy’s insurance broker. AllBetter assembles a swat team of advisors, analytics experts and contract negotiators that operate like guerrilla warriors of the health care insurgency.

what do we do?

We identify how and why your health plan and related benefits are underperforming and help you and your team be the heroes who rescue health care, at lower cost for both your company and your workforce.
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how do we work?

We treat your enrollees like our own family, we fight for them to have the best care at the lowest cost, with no surprises, no predatory billing, and no bureaucratic hassles.

We treat your hard-earned money with the respect it deserves.

why we’re different

Because we’ve been there. We’ve been patients. We’ve been caregivers. We’ve lost loved ones to health care failure. We’ve had to fight with hospital billing departments. We’ve had to make payroll.
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we are driven

By our absolute commitment to human dignity, the centrality of family and community, and our passion for slaying dragons.
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we are unafraid

We won’t be bullied by the giant corporate interests and money games in health care. We know all the tricks in the status-quo book.
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we are honest

Unlike the vast majority of benefits advisors or brokers, we commit to absolute transparency when it comes to our fee.