Why us?

We are members of the Health Rosetta advisor community, committed to empowering and supporting our employer partners to reverse the cost increases and dubious outcomes of the health care status quo. Health Rosetta is a nonprofit organization that connects proven advisors, vendors, employers and a set of core principles dedicated to re-humanizing employee health plans.

We treat your employees

like our own family.

We fight for each patient to receive the best care at the lowest cost, with no surprises, no predatory billing, and no bureaucratic hassles. We treat your hard-earned money with the respect it deserves.
Unlike the vast majority of benefits advisors or brokers, we commit to absolute transparency when it comes to our fee. We smoke out the hidden commissions your current broker has been taking behind your back, typically double or triple their invoiced fee.

At AllBetter…

You have rights!

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You only Get the Best!

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