How it Works

The secret super-power of health care is that world-class care – built on love, honesty and connection – is dramatically less expensive than the sick-care status quo.

Wanda’s Story

Wanda is a single mom who works double shifts at a nursing home to pay the bills. One day, she felt faint on the job and was sent to the ER by her manager, received inappropriate care and was price-gouged. When she couldn’t afford to pay her portion of the bill, she was sued by the tax-exempt “charity” hospital and had her wages garnished so much she can hardly afford to feed her family.

Wanda is Not Alone

Deductibles in employee health plans tripled in the past 10 years. More than ½ of people in those plans have less in savings than their deductible amount.

What does AllBetter do?

We help companies save between 20–40% on their health plans in Year 1 while increasing benefit generosity. 

(Continued or increased savings in subsequent years; Benefits include no/low deductibles, free generic drugs, 24-7 patient navigation helpline). 

How does it work?

Aligned incentives: Make high-value health decisions (leading to better health, more appro-priate care and lower costs) by both clinicians and patients free or nearly free for the patient. Make low-value health decisions more costly.
Primary Care: Position primary care as the front line of patient experience and the defense against downstream costs and preventable tragedy.
Major cost drivers: Carefully manage high-cost items like specialty drugs and major procedures.

The “safe” choice of traditional carrier plans could actually be harming your people.

Wanda — and all the workers like her —are why we started AllBetter.


insured adults under
65yrs got a surprise bill
in the last year


of medical bills contain
billing errors, usually not
in the patient’s favor

High-Value Primary Care is at the Foundation of AllBetter Plans

When this photo was taken, Becky —wife and mom of two boys— was dying and nobody knew it. Insured by husband John’s employer plan, Becky went from specialist to specialist, trying to treat seemingly unrelated symptoms of what later became clear was a textbook presentation of colorectal cancer. Without an ongoing relationship with a high-value primary care physician, coordinating these specialists and putting together the big picture, Becky’s disease was misdiagnosed until it was too late. She passed away within a year of this photo.

What does AllBetter do?

AllBetter works with employers to assess their priorities and then, consistent with those priorities, to compete out some or all of the components of a traditional carrier plan with independent vendors that AllBetter rigorously manages on the company’s behalf.


The AllBetter Difference:
Custom-Built, High-Performing, Employer-Owned Plans


  • Savings of 20-40% in Year 1, sustained or increased
    over time
  • Healthier, more productive employees with lower
  • Full-service support for HR team
  • Seamless integration with payroll/benefits platform
  • No hassle Open Enrollment
  • Ongoing member communications/engagement


  • No more stress, delayed care or credit risk due to
    out-of-pocket medical costs
  • Always-accessible, free primary care and after-hours
    urgent care
  • Low/no deductible, copays, premium contributions
  • Free generic Rx drugs
  • Network and Rx formulary are designed around what
    members already use
  • On-demand help navigating the health care system

 Is your company ready to save between 20% and 40% on healthcare costs?

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