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Download free e-book Health Plan Heroes:

The CEOs Who Restored the American Dream, by Dave Chase, founder of Health Rosetta. 

The book provides case studies of employers who delivered world-class health care for their workers while achieving significant savings compared to the status quo. There are employers of all sizes in this book, from across the country and all kinds of industries, including  an AllBetter client on p.24, a group of Catholic nuns, the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara.

Plan Grader:

Receive a Complimentary Benchmarking Assessment of Your Health Plan

The Plan Grader was developed by Health Rosetta, an organization that brings together certified benefits advisors, doctors, and employers around the shared goal of re-humanizing health plans and making health care more affordable and accessible for both patients and employers. Your health plan will be assessed on 40 metrics against thousands of other employer health plans. You will get a score in eight different categories, with detailed recommendations explaining the score and how to make targeted improvements in quality and financial performance.