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The Paradocs Podcast: How Employers Can Save Health Care

Talento on The Paradocs Podcast: How Employers Can Save Health Care

AllBetter CEO Katy Talento appeared on The Paradocs Podcast with Dr. Eric Larson, to discuss how innovative employers, working with next-gen advisors like those at AllBetter Health, are delivering radical savings (20-40% in year 1!) in health care combined with MORE generous benefits for employees. The key is to unbundle all the components usually packaged in-house with an off-the-shelf carrier plan, rife with kickbacks and inflated pricing, all benefiting each component’s bottom line rather than the employer. 

Instead, the AllBetter advisor runs a competitive process to contract with an independent, transparently, priced, no-kickbacks vendor to provide each of these functions: claims processing, pharmacy/formulary management, stop loss carrier, network or provider re-pricing, broker compensation, case management/wellness, capitated primary care, etc).

The advisor ensures that each of these solutions is coordinated with each other, but answerable only to the employer. Most of these substitutions are invisible to the plan members except to reduce their out-of-pocket costs and improve coordination of care. On the podcast, Katy Talento also gives advice for patients to avoid price-gouging when getting emergency room care.

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